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natural Antibiotic
100 capsules pack
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China is considered to be a real Korditsepsi talismaniks.Ta grow high mountain, climatically harsh conditions, the acquisition of supernatural resilience. In him the two poles of nature - flora and fauna. After he throws his spores off the plant. They attached butterfly larvae and parasiteeruvad there, living over the winter underground, which digs itself into a butterfly larva.
Spring awakens Korditseps salmon, and the cycle begins again. Korditseps is a natural antibiotic, which has the effect of pathogenic bacteria such as streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus and destroys viruses, whatever their origin. In terms of their anti-inflammatory effects of hydrocortisone than he. He is a regulator of the immune system and helps to adapt to adverse climatic conditions.


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