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Foot patches Master Herb

Effect of the patch. Rejuvenates the blood circulation and metabolism. Strengthens the cells and internal organs funktsioone.Kaotab leg fatigue. Relaxes muscles and tendons and removes excess fluid from the body. Strengthens the kidneys and adds elujõudu.Soodustab sleep. Dissolve the residue away from the body of accumulated ainevahetusjääke.Kiirendab. Strengthens the immune system. Use of the patch. Wash your feet, remove the larger sticker patch TISSUE part and put a sticker on the sticky side of the patch, absorbing part of the shake sachet to activate the active ingredients, remove the patch TISSUE partly below the sticker and place the entire patch soles, hold the soles of the feet or other treatment-dependent parts of the body for 8-10 hours (As an indication, at night during sleep), remove the patch and clean the surface of the skin. Active Ingredients: Puuäädika distillate, the distillate bambuseäädika, carpace (crustacean meals), essences of plants, vitamin C, miinusioonid. Areas of use: Foot in the relevant sections, where the need for other treatments, such as diseased joints, arms, hips, shoulders, cramped legs, sore feet and stiff muscles. Attention! During use, keep your feet dry. Unused patches to hold bags securely closed. Jalaplaastrid are potent, count on it, as to place them in socks or jalanõudesse.Säilita cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures to avoid .. Children to be used only for adult. If you encounter skin irritation, consult a specialist. Recommended for use in obese, elderly, smokers, depression, standalone work, and physical and mental over-voltage event. Use 10 to 30 nights in a row. Can be placed in the right and left foot alternately faster results, or both feet at once, as well as the above-mentioned other areas of the body in need of treatment.
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