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Calcium to improve brain functioning

Vegetable sorbent - the body's cleansing effect
100 capsules pack
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Hitosan are made on the basis of traditional Chinese medical theories punajalgsete sea crabs shields (see picture below). Hitosani from crabs boards contained hitiini atsetüleerimisel, ie acyl through separation. Positive ions (charged) hitosaan has immense ability atsüüliseks clean - 85%, which gives the product of the health effects of high functional, since it determines the degree of purification of active substance. Hitosan of biological cellulose. Their characters, it is similar to fibrin (a blood component). Unlike many of the plant is ingested, absorbed rakukudedest part hitosani seedefermentide mõnul and lecithin into the blood and taken up by the body LOW compounds. The main of them is hyaluronic acid, which is the composition of the cell intermediates (cell membrane, plastic eyes, etc..). The second part, which is not absorbed into the blood stream, joining the gel-like mass of moisture. Acting in the gastro-intestinal tract absorbent, cleans the intestines and carries out toxic substances accumulated in the body.
PS! Absorption takes place within 15 minutes.


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