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How good the food may be useful in your health

mention healthy food, "the poor countries do not have enough to eat an average of 780 [million ] people, so one person out of five, "say the The Economist .

"As many as 2 billion people, who can get enough food to remove hunger, still lack the necessary vitamins and minerals. " The point is not simply that the person is weak, malnourished, but also that it can be beneficial to other less. Therefore, quoting the malnourished children in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Eduardo Giannetti da University economist Fonsecat; This [human loss] is worse than anything else .... I believe that their children are among the talents and abilities that remain undetected due to poverty. In other circumstances, one might refer to their advancement from Albert Einstein. " Veja magazine, says," , the Earth loses malnourished and emaciated muscles goes around lavishly intelligence, creativity and latent energy stocks. "So, in spite of Frequently Used rgele cost of living, the parents of your children's lives sages establish a sound basis for investing in nutrients Erik cats food.

"invest" means "to give up consumption in the immediate future gains or income from the name." How can you invest in food?

Do I need to give up the luxury or prestigious objects and use their limited budgets to obtain healthy food?

"Before the birth of the senses is not far from dormant, only to be suddenly activated at the time of birth change, the evidence shows that long before the birth of aistmissüsteemid function, "tell The New Encyclopedia Britannica. , thus feeding the child the right start with the fact that his mother is ha , STI-fed. After birth, the next step is breast-feeding because breast milk has all the nutrients and it also gives immunity to common diseases.

UN publication Facts for Life points out: "The child is in the first few months of life the best possible food and drink only in breast milk. Children need other foods in addition to breast milk only when they are four to six months old. "

Although the human body is remarkably flexible, this should not be taken lightly. It is very important for life in the early terviskiku food to build up.Rncyclopedia The World Book says: "When a man gets 6 years old, has reached its final brain weight - 1,4 kg. The majority of brain cells are born already, so it increases the weight mainly due to the growth of cells themselves. As a six-year study at the fastest pace of life and the person acquires the new behavior. "So, even though the child's diet can be good for more than six years of age, then evolve relatively few brain cells.

Canadian you living in Brazil Cover Notes: "A healthy, nutrient-rich food is the greatest gift which parents to their children Pld ivad give. Even if the so-called life without worrying about a lot of essential things, which are often only luxury things, provide the parents, who are investing in their children's mental and physical health, past life of a good foundation, that nothing will ever be able to make up for . '

Why food should be varied?

child needs physical and mental growth of protein-rich foods. Malnutrition inhibits the mental development of the child's school, and the child becomes lethargic and exhausted, weakened his attention, and he is unable to remember what they have learned. At least 25 disease due to the lack of some essential nutrients - protein, vitamins, indispensable fatty acids or other nutrients.

While it is impossible to define the exact vitamins, minerals, and protein amount, just what you need, it satisfies your needs in a balanced diet. One reliable teatmeallikas notes: "Good nutrition is the key to a diverse diet that includes all kinds of nutrients."

What to do when your kids do not like certain foods, such as vegetables taste bitter? An experienced chef says parents should be put on the table "all kinds of vegetables that are available in their regiioonis. Many adults do not eat vegetables because they were not offered it when they were kids. As the roots of the fiber, it satisfies most of our vitamin needs and is not expensive, parents should allow their children to be always eating. "

Life is what most people want to maintain, and most hold less (Z.Labre).

Is not well said! And how well it fits into our modern! Human life and health depends on many components. These are clean food, air and water required for the work, and the body of the nutrients in food, and the balance between them.

Frequently the individual level, one should not be indifferent to their health, because the more the U kskõikseid, the more the disease, but not all non-communicable diseases.

technological progress, which struck the 20th century mankind. in the second half, five sharp ecological deterioration, characterized by chemical and radioactive contamination of the environment. Today, there is hardly any natural herbal food that is grown without chemical fertilizers, plant protection products and other artificial methods. As well as the animals and birds, the meat people consume, grow and most artificial and heavily contaminated food. As a result, the human body to fight the three main issues:

Frequently vital nutrient deficit - from the environment and food pollution and nutrients from the destructive storage and preparation processes.

Frequently unbalanced metabolism - due to wrong eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles.

third Frequently residues, toxins and remote areas in the body by the body due to purification of the bowel and bladder, and kidney.

Human Health begins Frequently semen levels. Man is the healthier you will be better uptake of nutrients in the body and cleanses the body of waste products as well. If the above conditions are met, you are able to produce the energy necessary for the body itself, and that is where you need to share it or the more balanced a person's metabolism, and it is freely and make better and faster it can operate energy ringkä ikudel body.

Frequently Human Health on various actions of people before us, and to everyone's health to be the best in the future Frequently depends a lot in the Frequently what everyone is doing according to your skills and capabilities Frequently the food each day to Frequently our food comes to quality.


  • nutrients can be attributed to the improved if we consume every day, and preferably the maximum possible amount of cultivated cereal in organic farming, roots, vegetables and fruits.
  • body's cleansing, it is advisable to know and using the well-known folk medicine plants.
  • nutrients better assignment today is essential to use high technology to food additives.
  • of cells in human body can be used to offset future medical technology.

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